The Secret Of Happiness Is Freedom

October 18, 2009

Freedom at last!!! At 6.20pm today,I officially removed my braces! It takes only 10minutes to remove it but two years and seven months wearing it! I just didn't like the retainer now..Need time to get used to it..

All the suffering moments..cannot talk porridge..wear braces not pretty wan!but the after effect is marvellous!fantastic! I remember I had braces in Form4(2007) next day after Sports Day..I was too tired until I don't feel any pain when wearing it..I eventually fall asleep with my mouth open LOL! When I woke up,I already had braces with me! Looks awkful and I dare not smile!

Slowly begun to develop the braveness to smile in front of the camera and get used to it..You know I felt regret a bit when I started wearing braces..but now I felt relieved that I did! Few weeks after I had my braces,I have to host the CHS Idol 2007..OMG,I couldn't pronounce words properly till I asked my host partner that day to pronounce it for me HAHA!

I thought I couldn't sing with braces too,but I still went to choir competition..get Champion and also joined CHS Idol with Kah Yan last year and got Champion..haha! We even went to sing in the open-aired front of 1000+ people!

There's a lot of thing I thought I couldn't do with braces but actually can! Except chewing gum..I never had any since 2007!

But,after two years and seven months..with all the memories..wearing braces wasn't that bad afterall =)

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  1.'s not that bad afterall..the feeling is DIFFERENT muahaha!

  2. I'm not wearing it because i got 2 long teeth on the upside of my mouth... later sked ppl not good la... and I like ribena...*grin*

  3. har two long teeth? Ribena? did I say something bout Ribena? O.o


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