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October 07, 2009

Countdown: 8 more days to AS
Status: Preparing

Hey people,I'm doing fine..so sorry for not contacting with some of you..Been preparing to face the AS exam so just a short update about myself =)

Friday was Parent's Day..my mom came late because she went to pick up my younger brother from school..Mr Kingsley,Physics Teacher was like usual..being the most cheong-hei(draggy),I waited for very long for my turn until all lecturers went back already! Called Mr Lee,Further Math Teacher and he came looking for me LOL!then went to office to find Ms Chin,Chemistry Teacher XD luckily went I came back,Kai Yuan's parents allow us to see Mr Kingsley before them =) So kind of them =)))

Saturday was Latern Festival..didn't know about it until the morning..nahh..didn't celebrate..just eat mooncake,balik kampung and sleep..I want to play candles!tanglung!

Sunday is cleaning spring!My brother and I did house chores because my parents went Ipoh..tiring day~

And that's the end of my weekend..haha!Owh,how boring,you said..sorry larh,I can't have interesting life when exams is around the corner!!

Owh,tomorrow is the PMR examination right? All the best for those who are sitting for it =)

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  1. hey good luck for your AS
    i'm sure you can do it ;)

  2. >Ben: thanks a lot =)

    >Aaron CF: haha..thanks =)

  3. i know you can do it
    i just knew it

  4. thanks for your support and care..accompanying me throughout =)


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