Charity Bazaar

November 28, 2009

It was actually a spontaneous outtings..When I was in Pyramid with Tian Yuan yesterday after college,Zhi Yuen called and asked if I want to go for the Charity Bazaar..His father bought RM150 coupons but ended up couldn't go so Zhi Yuen called to ajak me (to help him use the coupons) LOL

My original plans is going to OU with Lily and since she's going to Harvest Centre for moral project at 4pm..I could send her after the outtings..So I brought Lily along..we were there around 11am..The place was soooo crowded!I have to park my car so far hmph..

I did not expect to meet Aaron,Jason..aiyah the gang lah..LOL first time I do when I reach there is to find FOOD! There's so many varieties of food! Lily and I shared spaghetti,hotdog and waffles..=D After filling up,it's games time!
I'm actually really good at this..
it's a "Flying Slipper" game where you supposed to kick the slipper into the holes..
knocked them down! Look! Zhi Yuen managed to only threw ONE tin and it's still balanced!physics lol
find 5cent coins in a bath tub filled with ice and water
Shereena,Liki and Lily

What amazed me most in the Charity Bazaar is the "Bible Cake" It is seriously nice and how amazing they actually make a cake that looked like a bible..It's a cake I repeat..a REAL can eat it..REAL CAKE!
here it is..the cake
it's very very beautiful
everything in it is very very detailed..I'm impressed

The cake was out for auction..when I left,it was up to RM300+..I bet the cake is worth more than that..hehe..anyway Zhi Yuen said Shereena was supposed to be there but she was fact,when she reached I was about to leave so I did not hang out with her..

I left about 1pm to OU with Lily..our purpose to OU is actually to find present for my friend(see I so good)LMAO
We were both actually quite exhauted already..
when to Marks & Spencer and play this magnet toy..they're french-kissing..urgh..stop looking!
the Superman Snowman!okay I'm being lame
can u see the snowman!it actually attracted to Lily and my bangles..

Went home and took a short nap then mom told me we're going to steamboat with the damn tired..I guess today is Hari Raya Korban so there's so many people everywhere..waited so long to get a seat for dinner..

Did I mentioned it took me 20minutes to look for parking in OU? RAWR!

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