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November 21, 2009

Yiiiipeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hoooooooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
ignore my horrible dark circles and eye bags..

AS exam is over!!!! After 6 weeks of torturing..finally has come to its end..actually I'm kinda sket too because it means that A2 is coming..I felt jealous for my boyfriend because he completed his A-Levels already =/ But if I took A-Levels in ONE YEAR,I think I will become insane..seriously..

Today was the last paper which is the Chemistry Paper 1..When the clock strikes 10am,marks the end of AS exam..felt relieved or guilt?I don't know..don't want to blog about exams since it's over already..shall move on to the celebrating part..

Was wondering whether should I go back home and sleep or hang out in OU with boyfriend cause I didn't not sleep at all the whole night before the exam!Yes it is really torturing and sometimes I don't sleep at all!But we decided to go OU anyway =) good choice! We watched 2012..The movie is good! Just that the cinema was too cold for me to concentrate some parts hah! oh yeah,bumped into Pooi Guan,Choon Lim and Sook Han! haha =D

I met a hero today..I need to pass by toll on the way back home..Just bought this brand news Touch N Go so thought of trying it out..but..it failed me! The machine couldn't scan the card..it says "Kad Tidak Sah" I was stunned! I pressed the emergency button few times but it didn't work! I didn't know what to do..I tried scanning my cards few times..couldn't work too! When I look at the side mirror,suddenly I saw this white collar gentleman came forward..he took my card and scanned but it didn't work too..so he says "use my card =)" He scanned and went back to his car..

I didn't manage to even pay him back! Meaning he paid extra RM1.60 for a stranger-me!Such a rare guy to meet nowadays..He was driving Honda car plat number BHC 8545..anyone knows who is the driver?I wanted to pay him back..He was driving behind me all the way =/ Hope to meet this guy again someday to repay him =)

Alright..guess I better stop for now..I want to give sometime for myself (shopping,spa,facial,hair treatment,etc...) Exam makes me looked like zombie haha!

Good night =D

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