Life Is Busy!

November 27, 2009

Hello fellow readers =D

I realised that after exam is even busier than before exam..Actually during the exam I did went to some places and all but I felt like I lost track of myself already..I don't exactly remember what happens during the exam..or after exam LOL
This picture is NON-EDITED and was taken during exam..with my very funny and friendly know who you are XD

Let me try to recall..

Right after my AS exam on friday,I have classes on Monday..and it's gonna end on 4th December 2009..until next year for my next semester..I was actually quite busy because preparing for my dad's birthday is on this Sunday! OMG although I have some plans on mind,it is really hard to do..or go..Wanted to go Sky Bar but I'm still underage =/ This whole week I was planning,scheduling,etc to make sure he has the best birthday ever..

I went to every shopping mall-OU,MV,SP,IOI Mall,TS,etc..u name it!all right after college to pick and buy presents for him..It's really hard to buy presents for them especially when you ask them what they want,they say "anything you buy I also like wan lah" LOL! Anyway it has really been a tiring week..going everywhere after college..somemore my college starts at 8.30am and ends around 4.30pm latest..tired~

Moral exam was on last was crap because we finished it in half an hour and started coyping each other answer and started talking..or worst..the lecturer even came and chat along with us..

I'm so damn addicted to Gossip Girls..gonna sit back and relax to watch now..weeeeeeeeeee~

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