My SuperHero Day

November 06, 2009

I just saved Lily's life LOL no picture here because it was too sudden..

Halfway taking bath,I received calls from Lily saying her car broke down near my hse,so I quickly get ready and drove there to see her..OMG =_= her car broke down because she didn't refill her petrol tank =_= So I drove her back to her hse (nearby also lah) Took her brother and went to petrol station nearby and bought petrol and went back to her car..

So many people looking because her car was just beside the traffic when red,everyone stopped by to look at us =_= Her brother just pour the petrol into the tank..JUST LIKE THAT! The petrol was like all over the floor!

Me: eh! where got people pour petrol like that? later explosion how?
Lily's bro: u got smoke or not?
Me: LOL! no smoke also cannot pour like that right?let me get u a paper

and so..using paper folded it like cone then pour into the petrol tank..did I tell you that paper was my exam paper T_____T Her brother even talked on the phone while pouring the petrol!! Lily and I screamed LOL

Me: eh Lily,later hor,I reverse my car first only you start your engine ok?I very sket my car explode
Lily: LOL

Finally able to move the car..she drove home and so do I..OUG is having pasar malam today so was quite jam..took 1 hour to settle everything

Went home and continue sleep xD

My boyfriend told me that petrol is volatile and if sun heated it up,can explode wan leh! OMG suddenly I shivered..Luckily it was evening and the sun wasn't that hot! *screams*

Read bout this in her blog too -> Click Here

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  1. Go Lki Go! Go Liki go! hahahaha thats my super girl <3

  2. eh if I super girl then u mai super boy? xD


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