Taking A Break

November 15, 2009

I like this picture..Hippy is just so cute!!zoom in and see!

lalalala..Was singing just now and my mom thought is was from the radio! LOL! This week is gonna be the final week of exam..Total exam weeks = 6 !!! 6 freaking weeks!! It's the longest exam I have ever taken so far in my life..I can't wait till it's over!!

I want to go shopping! I want to go Karaoke! I want to go Movie! I want to go yum cha! I want to do my hair! I want to have a good sleep! I want to go for photo shoot! I want to change my blogskin! I want to stay out late! I want to exercise! I want to dance! I want to I want to.....*breathe hard*(ok,this will never ends)

Oh yeah,I just created a Twitter account..I'm very out-dated and don't really know what is Twitter lah! Jus created it for fun..so..click to follow lah..I very cham nobody follow (yeah la I admit I very noob lah now only create) so..who want to be the first? xD

Nah..here's the website -> http://twitter.com/likichee
Remember to click follow! =D

Thanks for keep visiting my blog =) The number of people visiting doesn't decrease but instead increases =D Don't give up on me kay?Give me another week till all of these ends =)

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