Adventure With A4 Gangster Day 1

December 28, 2009

It has been so long since I actually went out with the A4 Gangster..If I'm not mistaken,the last trip we went to was Port Dickson..My A4 Gangsters are really unique and special..we would just decide to go to a place randomly..organized it well but spontaneously walk around (if you could get what I mean)
Putrajaya Night Life

Before we bid farewell to 2009..we had our last trip..A night in Putrajaya! I know it is weird to choose to go Putrajaya since there is nothing in Putrajaya but they say the night scenary there is nice =)

I meet up with Wen Jie,Chin Ming,Chern Jung and Leon at a famouse hokkien mee restaurant..I actually bought Sushi King there to eat haha! The hokkien mee is delicious! When we were leaving,we bumped into Puan Hoon (CHS teacher) as well! haha! Wen Jie told us some inside jokes haha!

After that,we started out journey to Putrajaya! Leon was the driver..his driving pro le..not bad..felt safe =) We walk around Putrajaya..camwhore and stuff..
Putra Ya
Wen Jie,Liki,Leon,Chern Jung,Chin Ming
car models xD
our Malacca Signature pose haha!!
and this is originated from Port Dickson Trip
1 Malaysia!
Wah! Found so many gold! Too heavy for four person to carry
at the bridge
Christmas trees? xD
Buddha hand weeeeeeeeeeee~
A masjid which is 80% steel
the bridge from far..
looking amazed by Putrajaya buildings
Can you spot four of us? haha!

We went back to Leon's house around 11something because he said he have to reach home before 12am..I went to toilet and put my things in Chin Ming car..They told me that Wen Jie is waiting for us at the park..I wonder why =/ As I approach the park,I heard something about candle candle! Then I saw Wen Jie's hand..holding a small piece of cake..woah I'm suprised because I never thought they would celebrate my birthday =D
small cake..
yay Leon pointing at the birthday girl
making wish..

We went back to Leon's house to get candles..make wishes and cut the cake outside the house..Leon told me that Wen Jie was having stomach ache! okay we camwhored and chat..suddenly Wen Jie came out holding a BIG cake singing birthday song to me! Oh my! I was so touched and happy because I really never thought they would celebrate my birthday for me T____T Thanks so much guys!
this is the real cake..
make wish again LOL
blow candle fuuuuuu~

We went back in the house and cut the cake..while cutting,Chin Ming smashed the small piece of cake they bought for me earlier at in park on my face..The whole cake was sticking on my face..I felt happy..they did so many stuff for me T____T they went and buy the cake earlier before I meet up with them at the hokkien mee restaurant and purposely buy a smaller piece of cake just to smash it on my face LOL

I am so glad to have such a great friends!Do you know they celebrate my birthday since 2005 till now? How many years of friendship is that?=)

After that,we planned to sing karaoke in 1u or the Curve but it was too expensive at night so we went to Wen Jie's house instead..took bath..watched tv..Chern Jung slept earliest,followed by me then Chin Ming and Wen Jie..

Can't wait for more excitement tomorrow ^^

More pictures in facebook and some is still in Leon's camera..Shall wait till he upload =)

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