Adventure WIth A4 Gangster Day 2

December 29, 2009

It's new tomorrow and today we planned to go Taman Pertanian at Shah Alam! weeeee-woooooo~

Woke up at 10am then went to pick up Calvin Tan from his house..he didn't come yesterday because he just came back from Penang yesterday and wasn't feeling well..Today,we forced him out nyeheheheheh! We all felt like singing karaoke so we went to Red Box Karaoke at Sunway Pyramid..lunch was provided too =D

red is the song we chose
standing on the sofa and sing

After singing karaoke,we started to our journey to Taman Pertanian! None of us knows the road there so Chern Jung called his mom,I asked my friend to google it and Chin Ming stopped by and asked passerby..Oh yeah,Chin Ming was out driver for the day =) It was then..started raining..we reached Taman Pertanian finally but couldn't do anything..can't cycle and it's raining =/ So we went back..
Wen Jie,Liki And Calvin behind the car
Taman Pertanian
it's raining!
notice where we park?
went to Pos Office to send letters to Carmen and Yik Luei
yay send the letters lu!

Thinking,it was still early and we haven't done anything,we decided to go Calvin's house to rest and to Sunway Lagoon since there is fun fair at night until 3rd January 2010 only..First time to Calvin's gave a homey feeling and his sister's room is so organized! Make me so semangat to clean up my room already xD

I slept on the sofa while Wen Jie slept in Calvin's room and others was watching TV..Woke up at 6.00pm and went to Tasty Pot for's dinnertime! I think it's my 5th time eating in Tasty Pot this year =_=
having dinner in Tasty Pot
my food fell into the tea xD

After having dinner at Tasty Pot,we went to Sunway Lagoon! First time entering Sunway Lagoon at was drizzling =( but we still managed to camwhore and walk around enjoying the night view..couldn't play any games because the indoor games were quite expensive and outdoor games is not worth it =/
Us outside Sunway Lagoon
The duck looks like calling for help LOL
Burst the balloon
shooting range
can you see the Sunway Lagoon sign behind?
riding horse!
outside pyramid! so nice!
crystal ball!
angels and Christmas tree
hug the Santa Claus
our very own Christmas tree
A group picture of us..
outside Euphoria!
I like this =)

Don't chase us!!

The christmas star so high!

Chern Jung,Liki And Calvin
Posing with the title and crown Bring your own bag!This is one of my favourite picture! xD
Calvin and LikiLast picture before we went home

After all the camwhoring session,we went home..Chin Ming sent Chern Jung home,then Wen Jie..and finally me! It wasn't really late when I reached home but it was exhausted..It's really quite a spontaneous decision for the things that happened today..but it's fun!

Thanks so much to everyone of you,A4 Gangster..You guys are awesome =) I enjoyed it a lot..Can't wait for the next trip in 2010!

Wen Jie,my towel is still at your house!

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