Christmas Carol in Starhill

December 24, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates..been really busy lately..if you have been following me in Twitter or facebook,you'll know what I've been doing haha!
in the bus..
guess where am I going with Chern Jung..
christmas carol!
White christmas trees!

From 16 December 2009 till 24 December 2009,I was performing Christmas Carol in Starhill..It's my first time caroling xD! I learnt lots of christmas songs and I enjoyed the practise and performances xD 30 hours of practised before performing on stage..I have to admit,I underestimated the time for performance..Standing and singing for half an hour then break and half an hour again is not an easy we were all wearing black leather heels for girls!
Shi Ning and Liki
Jia Zhen,Kheng Hoe,Ti Lun and Liki
Xian Tze,Chin Ming,Liki,Lily and Theng Jian
yum cha after christmas carol
I looked like doll here lor! XD
car models haha

The first day was quite bad..second day was better and each day gets better each day =D Our performance time is 8.00pm till 8.30pm and 9.00pm till 9.30pm..each day there's something special happened..some day I went yum cha with my friends..Everyday,more and more people came because Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer each day..And I got used to wearing the heels already xD
Group pictures weeeeeee~
last day of caroling!
Calvin,Willion,Chern Jung,Liki and Nicole

Yes,I sang solo on 23rd and 24th December 2009 because Nian Xin and Zu Lynn couldn't attend..I only practised 3hours before performing on stage! I sang badly on 23rd December 2009..but people says it wasn't as bad as I thought..but I decided to sing on my birthday haha!I want to sing a better version!
singing solo...O Holy Night on Christmas Eve
Lee Young was there too xD
Last group pictures with juniors..

My birthday,24th of December was also the last day of performing..I shall blog about my birthday in the next post =) More pictures in facebook on Christmas Carol in Starhill!

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