Christmas Carol Rehearsal

December 14, 2009

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates..I keep telling myself to update my blog but I just couldn't find time to sit down and blog..It's been such a busy week! I didn't know that Christmas Carol practise started on Monday so I didn't go..Was at home..sorting out pictures and facebook-ing xD On Tuesday,I went for Casting Day for magazines..Hope they will contact me xD Choir practise on Wednesday from 9am-3pm..Thursday I rest and home..Friday and Saturday was same as Wednesday..Sunday I went out with JasonShi Ning,CJ,Liki,Kheng Hoe,Calvin and Wei Lon
Yay I did my homework..stick colourful on the choir files!

I was sick for the whole week already! Got sore throat..flu..had slight fever but I'm ok already now..On Sunday,I went to Equine Park with Jason..that place seemed to be kind of small and not very much shop so we went to Sunway Pyramid..watched Zombieland with Jason..haha! You should have seen his face in the cinema..and his laughter..LOL seriously damn cute..I enjoyed the movies with him xD Zombieland is nice! Go watch it!
Zombieland..disgusting! funny! haha

At night,we went Old Town Kopitiam to have our dinner and's been a long time since I chat with him..Great to keep myself updated now xD

3 more days to Christmas Carol in Starhill and 1 more day to meet Amber Chia again ^^'s my update for this week..If you want to know what I'm doing,follow me on Twitter or Facebook =D

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