A Date?

December 27, 2009

Was supposed to meet up with James Ng before leaving to Singapore but he didn't turned up..

Lee Young planned this so we could see him before he left..Shi Ning went to Singapore already..Lee Young and I meet up in KLCC..called James few times but no answer..We were shopping in Kinokuniya then makan at A&W..

When we were about to leave..James called
James: yes why you call me?
Li Kee: OMG where are you? we've been trying to reach you whole day..
James: I'm in the bus on the way to Singapore already..
Li Kee: what? I'm here in KLCC with Lee Young..wait wait you talk to him
and I pass the phone to Lee Young

End up,James thought it was cancelled..ah..Lee Young and I went home with disappoiment =/

Anyway till then James..I'm sure we will meet again =)

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