Elite New Face Supermodel Maker Boot-Camp Day 1

December 16, 2009

A New Face Begins..

Today I attended the Elite New Face Modeling Camp organized by Elite New Face..This company is internationally recognised but not much Malaysian knows about it..Registration started at 8.30am..and then breakfast at 9.00am..As usual,I'm always late..Jason says the "Late Queen" title can never be removed LOL ..At least I reached before the events start..XD
the view from my seat
filling in the forms
my tag and schedule!

At 9.30am,I have make up guidance by the Styling Pavilion..It is an image styling fashion academy..They offers classes on body art,hair styling,cosmetology and fashion..Today I learn cosmetology on nude make up.."No girls are ugly..only lazy" this quote is true..to tell you the truth,I never make up when I go out..at all! Yao,my tutor, says that never make up is just like not wearing clothes..You may be very pretty but with slight touch up on the skin,you'll look fantastic! That's why we learnt nude make up today..Nude make up means light make up for daily look =)
Yao giving speech
camwhore xD
say cheese! my mirror so cute right?
many students from Styling Pavilion helping out..
make up complete!Yao says my make up very natural and nice =)

12.30pm was lunch time and then I have business protocol by Joey Tng..she taught us the basic manners when going for interview and exchanging name cards..etc..At 2.00pm,I learnt about photography by Joshua from Idees Photo Studio..He is the guy that in-charge of my photo shoot =) He took lots of photos for artists..singers..etc..Professional =D He takes really nice photograph!
Joey Tng teaching us business protocol..
Joshua teaching us about photography..
Yay I got my photos today! =D

I spent the whole 2.30pm till 6.00pm with Amber Chia..It is really an honoured to be able to work with Amber Chia..She is a very great tutor..but can be quite harsh too..She taught us how to speak in a very attractive way during casting so people can remember you..I learnt a lot of things..She even taught me how to catwalk..Catwalk..is not as easy as I thought..Amber said that I have a very good "yan shen" (eye-contact) the feeling when doing catwalk is there..although my catwalk wasn't any special..the feelings I give catches people attention..This is what Amber Chia says..not I say wan ah!
Liki and Amber Chia
Amber Chia teaching me Catwalk
The Success Secrets Of A Supermodel
Amber Chia teaching us how to pose

Pierre Teh,the guy that in-charge of this event helped me to record my catwalk =) 14 seconds only

Amber Chia make me do catwalk again and again while others just did once or twice..I think it's a great opportunity for me to learn..which means she paid attention on me xD..
Final speech from Amber for today

That's all for today..it's been a really fun day! I enjoyed it very much..I met lots of pretty friends and of course the best thing is Amber Chia being my tutor=D Can't wait for tomorrow -> photo shoot with Amber Chia ^^

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  1. You have potential in this! :)
    Keep up the good work!


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