Elite New Face Supermodel Maker Boot-Camp Day 2

December 17, 2009

It was the second and the last day of the Elite New Face Supermodel Maker Boot-Camp..I was looking forward for this event..The first day was incredible and I seriously learnt a lot of things yesterday..We're going to spent the whole day with Amber Chia today ^^

The registration for today starts later than yesterday..Registration started at 8.45am..At 9.00am,we learnt about plastic surgery medicine by Dr Hoo Jen Shi from Nicanor Clinic..We learnt about Botox,etc to help us to maintain our beauty..The truth is..neither me or my friends were interested in plastic surgery so the whole lesson was rather boring..My friends kept yawning and I was struggling to understand all the terms she uses..Nahh..I am still not interested of getting any plastic surgery or botox =)
Dr Hoo Jen Shi

Then we have breakfast..the food in Melia Hotel,Kuala Lumpur was not that bad lah..After that,we actually spent 8hours with Amber Chia xD..What we learnt today is mostly showing expression,posing and photo shoot..We must wear nude make up and wear white shirt as was told yesterday..the photos today can be used for casting next time,said Amber Chia..We practise 4 facial expression : Happy,Cool,Elegant and Sexy..there is a big mirror for us to practise..
Amber Chia walked in..
teaching us how to pose
while everyone practising how to pose we pose too xD

After lunch,each of us have to pose in front of the camera with 4 facial expression that we practised just now: Happy,Cool,Elegant and Sexy and pose 1 expression with Amber Chia..It was quite a long queue to wait for your turn because each person use about 10-15minutes for the photo shoot..so most people started to take pictures and exchange facebook or contact number..
set up..
the lightnings..
Amber was judging and giving comments..
notice the screen behind..once took your picture is taken,it's gonna be up on the screen
the girls behind LOL
my Happy pose
Cool pose
Sexy pose
Elegant pose with Amber Chia

Amber Chia gave comments on every girl's picture in front of everyone and some people have the same expression for all 4 facial expression..the use of body language is important too..We all learnt how to pose in a proper way..say where to put your hand and eye contact =) It was break time then and everyone walked around and take picture because it'll be the last time we're gonna be gathered like this..
Liki And Queenie
weeeee the girls =D
our tags..
Yannie,Carmen And Liki
Carmen And Liki
Very cold~~
Yen Mei And Liki
Liki And Crystal
Liki And Peggy
Liki And Rachel
Yannie And Liki

Before the event officially over,everyone came out and gave speeches to express what they learnt over these 2 days..for me,I think 2 days is too short..but what I learn in these 2 days is truly a lot and meant a lot for me..I think not much people have this opportunity and I'm lucky to have the chance..Thanks for my mom who signed me up and support me all along..
Group pictures with Amber Chia
A hug with Amber Chia
Posing with the Elite New Face banner..

It's really fun and enjoying event..Don't believe you can ask others =) I have made friends with lots of pretty girls and learnt a lot a lot of things..Amber said that I have potential in TV commercials,advertisement and photography..and she recommended some company for me..I think I'm going to casting to tryout =D

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