Last Day Of College In 2009

December 05, 2009

It's the last day of college..Obviously I am super duper happy..who goes to college after AS exam?Somemore for the freaking 2 weeks?my eye bags and dark circles become worst..hectic college life for 2 weeks..finally has come to the last day of college..can't wait till I graduate..
S3 and S4 Chemistry Class..Ms Chin smile so big!!=DDDD
S3 and S4 Physics Class with Mr Kingsley
S4 Further Mathematics class with Mr Goh
S4 Further Mathematics Class With Mr Lee

Today's Chemistry class was cancelled..only Physics class but it's for 2 hours..Actually I wasn't even listening to the lecturer..was like half sleeping and next thing I know it's already 2 hours..nothing enters my ears or my brain in that 2 hours =_=

After Physics class,I went to Pyramid with Zhi Yuen,TJ and Kin Wai..had lunch in McD then watched "Couples Retreat" LOL
Couples Retreat LOL the show is damn lame lah..funny haha!
Spotted..Tj,Liki and Kin Wai walking in Pyramid
and eating McD

After that,I met up with the BFF - Wei Lon,Calvin and Ee Zhen..walked around..took pics..
Liki and Ee Zhen..
Ho Ho Ho!
Ee Zhen,Liki and Calvin
weeee~ Willion joined in..
Super-sized Stitch
I shall proof to you I'm taller than Stitch..LOL

Then the Chen's twins came and joined us..
Mint Cupcakes! it from Cupcake Chics
Let's go for a ride!
Wei Lon was like "why is this thing so familiar" LOL! It's the Pyramid mascott lah!
Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme
They sell cute doughnuts for Xmas!
nom nom nom

Ee Zhen went home and Tik Lam joined us for dinner at Prince Cafe..I parked my car in college so Wei Lon fetched me to college and I took my car..then we headed to SS2!
Chen's Twins,Dylan,Liki and Willion
Liki,Willion,Calvin,Chen's Twins

It's been great catching up with the BFF..I didn't hang out with them for months already due to AS it's over..haha! I'll be joining the choirs to perform in StarHill Restaurant from 16-23 December for Christmas Carol..coming?=D

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