Movie then to S5 Gathering

December 31, 2009

It's the 5th gathering of the 5S5 of Class 2008! I never missed the gathering except for the one they went to Broga Hills because I was preparing for AS exam..I love gathering!It's like we're all gather and meet up to keep in touch with everyone..We always have the 5S5 spirits =)

In the morning,I went to watch Avatar 3D with my friend and my younger brother in 1u..Since it's near new year and what's more it's a school holiday,the shopping mall was rather packed..even the parking was full everywhere..I was lucky enough to found a parking just outside the cinema xD We was trying to get Avatar 3D at 12.30pm..seeing the queue being super long,the ticket sold out at 12.30pm..soon,the ticket for 2.30pm was selling fast and completely sold out..left 3.30pm and it's front row second seat..we have no choice but to get that seat..
Avatar in 3D~

After getting the ticket,we went to McD for lunch..then we walked around..I wanted to buy a bottle cause I lost it during caroling but I couldn't buy back the same next time perhaps? =/

Movie started at 3.30pm and it's my first time watchng 3D! haha my friend looks funny with the 3D glasses xD After the movie,I sent my brother and my friend back home then I prepare to go to Kai Jie's house for S5 Gathering weeeeeeee~
Liki,Edmund,Shi Ning
Liki and Jason
I went there with this clean face and then got drawn cause we're playing games..turned out to be..
like this! not done yet! still got beard haha!
having fun drawing people's faces xD
Jay Wvin said I looked like Maple Story emoticon here..
Xian Tze,Edmund,Liki and Wei Quan
group pictures yay!

The food was nice =D we played games and eat..I had so much fun meeting up with my classmates..We sang birthday song to Edmund and Hua Yin too!Went back home and then prepare to sleep..It's been a tiring day..but I had so much fun! I'm glad I made it to the gathering =)

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