KBS Beauty & Chee Yung's House Warming

December 06, 2009

Got woke up early in the morning by my mom..She's bringing me to Sg Wang to perm my eyelashes weeeeeeeeee~ My aunt and cousin tagged along..

KBS Beauty also having christmas sales of their cosmetics and products..KBS Beauty is a new product from Korea..it is actually very famous now..I went to the shop in Sg Wang and tried some of the cosmetic and product..gosh it's good!

They are very famous for this product:
BB cream..

Everybody uses BB cream now..and for this product,it is a combination of sun block,foundation,concealer,base and skin care..it doesn't clog pores,non sticky and convenient to use..I bought a BB cream around March but that BB cream makes my skin very dry and my skin is peeling..this BB cream is different..it is soft,gentle and smooth! They have different type of BB cream..but for people like my age,they should use this..pink colour bottle
even Jolin Tsai uses this now!
if you purchase the BB cream,u'll get the mini BB cream where you can hang it around in your bag..like me =D so convenient right?
Compact powder
the powder is super smooth and gentle!The colour will change according to your skin colour somemore!

I personally love this..the colours all are very shiny..definately a yes-yes for me since Christmas is around the corner..the colour is super shiny and very very nice!

If you're using liquid or pencil eyeliner,you should think about changing a new one because
Gel Eyeliner is better..LOL

Gel Eyeliner is much more convenient compared to liquid or pencil eyeliner because it doesn't smutches! and the colour is straight-on unlike pencil where sometimes the colour doesn't seemed to be applied on your eye..it is water-proof so you doesn't look like ghost when you walked in the rain..LOL..besides,it doesn't dry up like liquid eyeliner..
a pencil-like is provided for you

Lately,I'm always in an air-conditioned room..The classroom in college are all air-conditioned and the weather is so hot that I have to sleep with air-conditional..This causes my skin to be very dry..so I bought this..
Seaweed cooling mask!

This moisture supplying mask full of as cool moisture as it was dipped from the ocean!! It is fit for those who have brittle,sensitive and thin skin
It has soothing effect on skin as well as maintains the skin healthy by providing moisture!

Check out more about KBS products here-> Click Here

At night,I went to Chee Yung's house warming party!His house is corner house..inside is huge! His room is so big..I want a big room like that!My room is so small to put so many girls stuff of mine LOL
Liki and Hui Ling
I looked damn cool here LMAO!
I bet Zhi Yuen teaching Kai Yuan how to ride bicycle when this picture was taken
Tian Yuan and Liki
Group picture...yay I'm hugging Hippy! Saw saw saw?

Well holiday officially starts today! Want to finish up my homework..finish the whole Season 2 of Gossip Girls..get some money..blog and party!!!

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