College Starts

January 06, 2010

This picture was taken the night before the wedding dinner..DSC08798.jpgcopy

Liki and Evon

It’s the third semester of my college already..I’m graduating in June fast hor? but other pre-u course even faster..haha!3 people dropped further mathematics today – Elyse,Hui Ling and Mukand..

I feel like dropping because I am felt so far behind everyone else..Even if I’m hardworking enough,I have not enough time to prepare for further mathematics! I’ve joined too many events last year and my schedule is too tight! I’m very confuse whether to dropped or not..

I’ve talked to my mom and she asked me to drop because she said I look very suffering and why do I torture myself for a subject that I won’t be needing at all? By the way,if you guys are wondering,yes I’m going for Nutritionist..don’t ask how I started taking up further mathematics..

Anyway,I shall wait till my AS result and then continue further mathematics or not..meantime,I’ll just live with it..DSC08796.jpgcopy

Hippy have to wait for me till I finish college to play with him

Oh yeah,I received Nuffnang Cheque yesterday..YAY! Thanks Nuffnang!^^

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