Mukand’s Birthday

January 08, 2010

I was so blur that I didn’t know it was Mukand’s birthday until class ends today..Mukand said "my birthday is too early so many people missed it” lol

After class,Hui Ling,Li Lynn,Teng Jong,Haree,Mukand and I went to Cafe de Sky Garden at Petaling Utama to have lunch..since Mukand is a vegetarian,we all had vegetarian for the birthday boy today HAHA..later on,Elyse and Tian Yuan joined us..


milkshake! I think? haha20562_245085374231_553329231_3318654_2975647_n

those who went =)

I miss Cafe de Sky Garden cause I used to eat in Tian Yian Cafe(same with Cafe de Sky Garden) every thursday in 2008 before my additional mathematics tuition haha!20562_245085379231_553329231_3318655_4325119_n

I like this picture!the girls diagonals and the guys too xD

Mukand! You turned 19 and Liki just turned 18 two weeks ago” said Elyse


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