There Can Be No High Civility Without A Deep Morality

January 28, 2010

I totally forgot today is Wednesday and I did not bring my lab coat or wear sport shoes to Chemistry lab session..I immediately borrowed a lab coat from Bi Wei and rushed to the lab..Just when I was about to enter the Chemistry la,the chemistry lab assistant yelled at me..


I was so blur and didn't know what was going on!I looked around..up and down,left and right..and he pointed at my slipper..I went outside and saw Siew Li and Pei Yee..Beach_Slipper

"Siew Li,Pei Yee! Shit man..I'm wearing slipper! I totally forget about it!"

"Nevermind lah! Just don't let Ms Chin and the lab assistant see"

"But the problem is HE saw already! and he shoo-ed me out the class!"

Then the lab assistant came and yelled at me again "How long have you been entering the chemistry lab already? Until now you still wear slipper to chemistry lab"

and I said "sorrry! I didn't know it was wednesday today and I have chemistry lab session today!Even this lab coat isn't mine!"

You know:
1) Even if a student wear slipper to chemistry lab,you don't yelled "GET OUT" to the is damn freaking rude and you just ruined Sunway University College's image
2)The student's fee is your salary..Did you forget that we paid lab fees too?
3) The lecturer saw the slipper too but at least she warn the student in a nice way

yes indeed!

He thinks that the whole lab belongs to him? And he forgot that we pay lab fees to enter so basically his salary comes from us and he forgot what his mother taught him during young age and that is MANNERS

I thought the Sunway University College's staff have good manners but guess what? One day my friend was paying fees at the Financial counter and an international student came to the counter to cancel her Hostel Fee because she wants to share room with her friends in condominium..She was enquiring where is the condominium..The financial counter staff just said "condo condo"(in a very rude way) point here and to you expect an international student to understand Malaysian language and by pointing here and there even I can get lost in such a big campus!

Today,another of my friend went to Registry to ask the lady when can we get the statement results because there's a notice on the board says we can get our Statement Of Results for A-Levels AS at 2.00pm-4.30pm..guess what? The lady scolded my friend and deny what my friend says..She made my friend cried!

I'm starting to have a very bad impression of the staff here(not all)..I don't deny that all the lecturers here are awesome..but the staff? I think they need to learn what is MANNERS and RESPECT..picture

And don't give me this reason

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