Wedding Dinner

January 03, 2010

2010 just begins and my relative is getting married! Is this a good year or what? =)


wedding invitation

My mom,aunt,cousin and I went to hair saloon to set our hair and I make up myself =D We were too busy preparing ourselves..luckily we wasn’t late..we were there on time..the wedding dinner is held in the Legend Hotel,The mom’s high heels strip came out  once she stepped down from the car LOLDSC08804.jpgcopy

I’m using princess style tonight =)

My aunt and uncle came to rescue! One of my aunt bought Elephant Glue and another of my aunt borrow my mom a pink show..which suits my mom’s purple dress! haha! luckily everything was settled quickly..DSC08806.jpgcopy

haha my mom was shockedDSC08815.jpgcopy 

my mom and I =)


me and my younger brotherDSC08814.jpgcopy

say cheese!

The ballroom is at Level 9 and the turning up the parking makes my head spinning..luckily going down is fun! It’s like we’re sliding down xD


candles on each tableDSC08835.jpgcp[y

my cousin,me,my mom,my two aunt,my grandma and my grandpaDSC08836.jpgcopy

my cousin and I


she’s only 17 this year but look how tall she is!DSC08848.jpgcopy

Sze Von,Theng Jian and LikiDSC08846.jpgcopy

Sze Von and Liki

My dad did not make it to wedding dinner because he was working..never mind,we brought back some fruit cakes from the wedding dinner for him HAHA

I’ve seen my timetable for Semester 3 of least it is not as hectic as my semester 1 and semester 2 =)

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