Elite Modelling Photo Shoot

February 07, 2010

It’s Saturday and what did you guys do? I did a photo shoot today in Kepong for Elite New Face..

I reserved 2pm slot but the traffic was so congested! End up I reached there at 2.30pm LOL but there is like 6person who reserved 2pm slot too haha!

I think this is my first time changing to many style of clothes and make up in a day! The make up was super thick..My eye shadow is freaking black and the lip stick is super red! I think you guys might get annoyed seeing those picture LOL! I have never seen myself with such exaggerate make up before LOLI seriously look like punk or gothic or rock or whatever LOL..go on reading~

After two different shots,while waiting for my turn,I took picture with other models there..(without flash)If I’m not mistaken her name is Laura..she was waiting for her shoot while I was waiting for 3rd shoot
(with flash)Don’t give the shock face seeing me like this..the make up for 3rd shoot is like that LOLCheck out my hair after hair set..It’s damn freaking heavy because I was wearing TWO wigs!And my mom says I look like China Doll in the cheongsam LOL

We wore like this and pose beside the road..EVERYONE that passes by there looked and some even whistle..disgusting man =_=The two models look like going dinner while I’m like celebrating Chinese New Year LOL
Laura and Liki
look at my hair RAWR LOL
was removing the wig..preparing to go back because I’ve finished my photo shoot! weeeeeeeeeeee~

On the way out,I saw Yannie and Crystal..why their style so casual wan?Mine is cheongsam for CNY haha!
Yannie,Crystal and Liki

I really never had such exaggerating make up before..I swear I didn’t make up like that..I went there without any make up wan haha..Idees Photo Studio has EVERYTHING! Everything that I wore is from there..shoes..earrings..wigs..ANY CLOTHES..they even have bra(for those who is flat-chested) haha! Since my lips so red and my eyes so black must pose sexy a bit xD

I somehow think I look like Joker from Dark Knight..“Why So Serious?”


P/S: You should have seen my second make up..that is REALLY a joker haha! The picture above are all 3rd make up ;)

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