Simple Tea and Fashion Show

February 26, 2010

It's finally the fashion show day! With only about 6 hours of practise then get on stage to do catwalk haha! Well it turned out to be quite a success! haha! I was rushing here and there because I actually have class from 12.30pm-4.30pm but the catwalk rehearsal is from 12pm-2.20pm and 3.30pm must meet up in the hall already! Try to imagine...haha!

It is held in MPH Sunway University College and the show starts at 4-ish and Pn Susan Cheah was the honoured guest..I don't see Miss Malaysia 2007 though..Don't know if she's there..hmmmm..
that's me with the rainbow dress!
my back view
standing with the other models..I wore a not-so-high wonder so short!

After the show..I walked to Kai Yuan and Tj..Mukand left already..I'm so glad that they came to watch! Thanks so much guys! :)
Kai Yuan make me do that pose haha
that's me and Poh Ling
Tj and Liki..thanks for jaga my bag and take my calculator where I left it somewhere LOL
Liki and Kai Yuan..thanks for coming to watch and help me take pictures! taking care of my bags too :)
ok I swear this Abdullahi is super tall!

When I was driving..*traffic jam outside college* I received SMS from Gessica
I know I spelled her name wrongly XD

Came home and sleep weeeeeeee~
I had a great time catwalk modeling today :) get to know a lot of international student! ^^ I'm taking this as an experience for me and practise before the upcoming modeling competition..

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  1. Congratulation in the catwalk. U look great....

  2. nice catwalk.. and your outfit was colourful! =)

  3. horrr i saw the guy ady huhu

  4. >Jeffrey and Ken Wooi: thank you :)

    >blazinbeta: haha..dun jealous lah :D


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