We Must Exercise And Develop Every Part Of Our Body

February 20, 2010

Finally I exercise!! After don't know how many months LOL..

Chin Ming woke me up at 8.15am asking me if I need a ride..I told him no..1minute later,I called him to say I need a ride and guess what..he reach CHS already! WTF! Now you know how fast Chin Ming drive LOL! We then had breakfast in Kanna Curry House before starting our journey :)
saw this poor teddy at road side on the way..

Reached Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam around 10.00am..rent a bicycle and start cycling!! Wahhh..so hard to cycle one! Especially going up hills..go down still fun and syok..but going up is so torturing!
entrance of Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya,Shah Alam
Calvin,Cj,Liki,Wen Jie and Carmen
Carmen and Liki
our first stop at Taman Paku-pakis
front to back: Calvin,Wen Jie,CJ,Carmen,Liki and Chin Ming
Wen Jie and Liki
I know we are very adventurous =)
the "lesbo" and "gay" couple LOL
walk walk then turn back *click*
wahhh wait for me up the Menara!
Who's that?

Compare this picture with the previous Malacca pose:
2010 Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya,Shah Alam
2009 Malacca Trip

Haha! Nice leh~LOL!Look at the two pictures above carefully! HAHA! Read last year's Malacca trip here

Round and round
I'm a Cactus!
nenenebubu guess where are we?
wah this can be Calendar picture haha!
yay Taman Cactus! The cactus there really big and nice..
but no water and the weather is super hot makes us feel like being is desert
Taman Buah-buahan Tropikal

On the way back to the shop to get drinks..somebody said "bye" to us..guess who is that? TIMOTHY YEE! LOL! What a small earth..can meet him there keke! But he was in a back of the truck..I want to get on the truck LOL! Seriously what I did today was a good exercise to burn all the fats that you gained during Chinese New Year haha!

There's still the other side of the Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya,Shah Alam we haven't been..Unfortunately we were too tired to continue our journey..decided to go Carmen's house to take a bath and rest..get ang pow too :) The feeling after taking bath is amazing!Yes Wen Jie,the cycling and walking today might train me well for catwalk LOL!
Carmen bought some insects(grasshopper) back from Japan for us to try..yummy! no lah! I don't dare to try also=X

I am tired but the feeling after exercising is really good! I can sure get a good night sleep today keke!Good Night :)

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  1. ahaha u look like a small little girl here.. look like when u are form1 lol

  2. haha where got..you know me in form 1 meh? XD


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