When Carmen Is Back From Japan

February 13, 2010

Carmen is back from Japan!!! I couldn't be any happier to see her! I miss her so much since she left Japan last year for Student Exchange Programme..Click here to see the post...

Anyway I'm really glad and happy that she's back from Japan!! Sorry we didn't pick you up at the airport because we thought it'll be better if we leave you alone with your family for a week before you meet us XD After a week of being with her family, A4 Gangster reunite! one is in Russia LOL

Carmen is still the same!She haven't changed a bit! Still the same old her XD We had lunch in Full House at Sunway Pyramid..
toy doggy! weeeeeeee~
Chern Jung,Carmen and Liki act noob
They were talking about Chucky so I pose like one xD
act like patung again
my second family! Carmen,Liki,Chern Jung,Calvin,Wen Jie,Chin Ming and Leon Pek
A4 Gangster with yellow Mini Cooper
Welcome to our house? xD
we're posing like the picture above XD
walk around and saw this BIG gold xD
omg this is candid! why I act so cute one? ok..kill me :P
Wen Jie,Carmen,Liki and Chin Ming(with my love bag)

Chinese New Year is coming soon! and it falls on the same date as Valentine's Day XD I really had a great day with A4 Gangster today..Carmen gave me the Popteen March Issues,Chilly Kit-Kat and Hello Kitty thingy to hang on my hp from Japan!Popteen March Issues!
Hello Kitty in Kimono!
Kit Kat spicy flavour
yes..the best gift indeed for Wen Jie and Chin Ming from Carmen..it's a pudding!

Next outting for us? YES! Looking forward to it..haha

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