Light Up The City

February 21, 2010

It's the 8th day of Chinese New Year!

I have been to so many places today!My family and I went to my aunt's house for catering then Klang Parade shopping..Old Town Kopitiam..Jusco Shopping and KEC for dinner..I missed the second day of CNY because I went out so it's kinda like replacement for me to celebrate with them today haha
taken with my handphone at my aunt's house :)
cute chipmunk that my cousin have..

When going back home..we saw a very nice place with colourful lights..and my dad decided we should take a tour there..OMG! I never knew Malaysia has such a beautiful place and it is like just a coincidence we pass by and saw! gosh! So beautiful! I am sure going to visit here again..I did not bring my camera along..all these is taken with my handphone..
the road is full of lights
it's quite dark but it's me and my aunt
chinese new year decorations!
my and my mom
see I told u it's very beautiful!
Liki in I-City!
we saw these trees from road side and attract us here xD
colourful peacock!
Liki's castle!

Ah!! There is MORE places to go and see! I must make sure I be back to this place :) I'm sure I will come back to this place someday :)

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