Final Rehearsal For Modeling Competition

March 06, 2010

Weeeeeeeeeee~ Today's Chemistry class was cancelled! Ms Chin need to prepare for our presentation in the evening..I came early to have lunch with Kai Yuan,Kin Wai,Yen Li and Jia Xin in Pyramid..While I was eating,somebody stopped and looked at the window..guess who was it? Mr Tan Boon Wei LOL!

After attending Chemistry presentation at 4.30pm,I came home and take a really short rest because I need to go Midvalley Exhibition Centre for the modeling rehearsal for Sunday..I'm so scared because it's a T-shaped stage and open stage somemore! RAWR!
the road wasn't scared to fall down xD
all the 30 models,Pierre Teh,organizer and Joshua Tan,photographer
final discussion

It's my first time wearing 5-inch high heels(just bought it not long ago for this event)..Almost fell down! Pierre Teh,the head of this event was like "hor hor hor!" LOL! oh gosh..I am so dead..Please hope I won't fall down on stage on Sunday T____T

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