Hello I'm Contestant No.29 :)

March 05, 2010

Last Sunday,I went to my last catwalk modeling training in Make Up Mall..It's gonna be the last time I am going to Kepong for training every week because the real thing is coming up on this Sunday! I am pretty nervous xD After few months of training the competition is drawing so near!

You know usually photo shoot makes you look really pretty? Like the make up..the photoshop..the lighting effects..they will make you shine and look really beautiful..that's what most of people do when they go for a photo shoot..

But for us..it's the other way! The make up artist painted a really fugly make up..*you don't even recognise yourself!*and you're suppose to shine even though you're ugly..It's a tough job..not everyone has a beautiful face feature..not much editing is done to the pictures too..

I've got my pictures and contestant number already :)

Check this out to see the process when doing the photo shoot below..
this was the first photo shoot..my hair was simply tied up and it's really nude make up..no eye liner..mascara etc..just foundation and super red lips stick..it is to show your face feature..
this is second photo shoot..posing with 3 types of tomato: one,half and one quarter..with a super black eye shadow and smudge orange lipstick..
third and final photo shoot.."back to old times"

The details of the modeling competition is as below:

Date: 7th of March 2010,Sunday
Time: 11am -3pm (approx..not sure)
Venue: Midvalley Exhibition Centre

It's kind of under "Romance In Fate" Bridal Fair 2010 as well XD There will be make up and hair competition,clothes designed competition by Styling Pavilion and we're the 32models for both the events..and modeling competition by Elite New Face..so in total 3 competition held at the same time :)

I saw this when walking back from Times Square^^ I heard about this event on radio and newspaper already..you might heard it too..there'll be media and Amber Chia there..
enlarge it and see

See you there :)

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