My Date Night

March 27, 2010

As I was browsing through Nuffnang Blog,I came across the Nuffnang Special Screening-Date Night

this reminded me of my most memorable date night with my boyfriend..

Brynn went to New Zealand on 18th of February 2010 and since then,we didn't really talk much as we both agreed to concentrate our studies..he will get in Medicine while I will get straight A in my A Levels..Our most memorable night was the last night I date with him..

We went to Midvalley to watch Valentine's Day..and it was the last movie that I watched with him..awesome ♥

But then,somethings happened!I had seriously stomach cramp(due to you-know-what) and had to go home..I wasn't feeling that well and really had to go home..he accompanied me..

We came home and had a really long talk..a heart to heart talk..I wasn't really expect that the day he is leaving Malaysia came so soon =/ Brynn made me dinner too..I wasn't feeling well so I couldn't cook and he wouldn't let me have maggi mee..haha..well,I can't exactly cook but I helped out ok? xD By the way,his cooking skill is amazing!it may look not delicious but trust me..fantastic!!haha..

We watched tv and had dinner together..

Soon enough he have to rushed home..we gave each other our last hug and from then onwards,we only see each other through pictures or skype(but that is very seldom due to the time difference)Although it was just a simple date..but it was memorable for me =)

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