New Face Supermodel Maker 2010 Competition

March 30, 2010

Read this if you don't understand this post :)
Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part One
Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part Two

After getting the Top10 Award for the first competition,it was time to move on to second competition:New Face Supermodel Maker 2010 Competition..(I told you,there's two competition held on one day xD)..I quickly removed make up and get changed(to a sexy look O.o)..While my college mates walked around..Chin Ming and Lily sat at the side waiting for mom get some rest too..awww..I really appreciate how much she did for me T_____T
waiting to get my make up and hair done..
nervous nervous!Lily and Liki
adjusting our black tube or jeans..

Everything was very messy at backstage because we were really rushing on..removing and putting on make up,change hairstyle and very little people to actually to that for us..until the manager and his girlfriend plus the photographer have to do it for us! And next thing you know..due to short amount of time,we only need to walk twice(we practised to walk 3 times)..I quickly ran to the toilet before the competition begin..The judges were Amber Chia,Joshua Tan from Idees Photo Studio,Yao from Styling Pavilion and Pierre Teh
that's me in the centre :)
front pose..
took from another camera..
side view..
I actually love this photo :)
turning doing the final pose..
upfront view..
1st pose..
took this from Facebook
2nd pose..(3rd from the right)
3rd pose(can see me?)
from another view..
and goes back to backstage..
and everyone came out standing on stage..haha my mom asked why I stand until so "sui bian" wan..aiyaaa..tired mah stand so long..I think I'm the only who smile..everyone looked so serious O.o
or maybe they act cool lah..I cute lor HAHAonce again presenting the 30 models ^^
eh why got a hand there one?
this one also! Can spot me?follow number de..1-30 from right to left..I you count lor..

My mom and my friends say I did a great job =) I got 11th for this(one more place then 10th day T___T)..Won a eye shadow and face powder from Revecen Make Up and RM100 voucher for Idees Photo Studio..It's good enough for me because I never thought I could actually win anything! Haha!
Crystal,Liki and Yannie
Crystal,Yannie and Liki
My consolation prize :)
can see me?
I'm on the most right
act cool now

eiiii why I look like that wanhmmm wonder who's gonna win..
wah somebody caught me looking at my prize!
act cool again HAHA
from another view..can see me?err the most right wan..bending down..
see me? see me? =)
Group picture with Amber Chia,Joshua Tan and Pierre Teh :)
my friends who stayed back till the whole competition ends..
Chin Ming,Lily,Liki,Yen Li,Kai Yuan and Chee Yung
this is a clearer picture of us from Yen Li's camera ^^
was called out again for group picture..
prepare prepare
aiks my leg hurts lah..the 5inch high heels T___T can see me?
say Cheese~~
this is the front view :) look how thick my make up is! the fake eye lashes glue went in my eyes so my eyes swollen ady T__T

It was truly a great experience and I learnt a lot of things..You really need confident and a lot of practise before going up stage..It's true that people say "Up Stage 10minutes,Behind the stage 10 years of work"(direct translate from mandarin XD) It wasn't easy at first but it's all worth it afterall =)

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