Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part One

March 08, 2010

Today is the is the modeling competition day! I am pretty nervous because I'm a first-timer! I've did photo shoot before but not catwalk..I participated in the Elite New Face Supermodel Maker Boot-Camp last year(read here and here) and from there,they short-list it to 32 models and I was 1 of them..later on 2 pulled out so left 30 models..

Honestly being a model is is even harder when you're a part-time model and a full-time must know how to handle your time well..good thing is I learnt to handle these since I was young :) I really thought of pulling out at the first place..but since I have the opportunity that some people would not ever get in their whole entire life,I decided to try it out..

We were asked to be there at 9.30am without any make up and accessories,with a short pants and black tube so it's easier to change..The competition starts at 11am for an hour with hair styling..this competition is challenging because we never know who our hair,make up stylist is..we only seen them on that day! They each had draw a number and find out about us(model)'s body measurement for clothes..other than that,we've never seen each other before..tough huh?that was me..first time meeting my hair and make up artist,Kiki :)
competition styling!
passing hair pin to Kiki
tying a bun
plus some wig
cool hair eh?
yes I know..that thing on my head is damn heavy!
the hair is done! by the way,that's Kiki Yong,my hair and make up artist :)

After hair styling,we had lunch,while I get changed..I've only eaten 2sandwitches till the whole event ends! But I wasn't hungry at all..too nervous I guess..1-2pm is the make up competition where we sit in front of the crowd and the hair stylist will make up for you..It's really hard to sit and not move for an hour..even during hair styling! My neck hurts as the head accessories was too big for me!
I love this picture..thanks to the photographer
the "flower" for my back
patiently let Kiki do the work
Kiki took few months to make the dress..

back view of the dress
with the gloves on already
Kiki was using UHU glue! dman sket it'll dripped on my hair
rest for a while
Hair + dress is done! Kiki Yong and Liki Chee :)

Next,we're all asked to go out following the contestant number and I sat at the second front row on the most right facing the stage..There were 5 judges if I'm not mistaken
waiting for the competition to start
starts! Kiki go go!
So tired le..
doing the eyes
drawing eye liner
Kiki working really hard..
make up make up
I wonder what was I thinking back then..haha
look at my eye lashes O.o
I never wear such a thick make up before!
we're done! =D

Next it's up to me because the model's presentation gives points too! Will blog about how's my catwalk..did we win?and etc when I'm free XD..I've got class mah..I haven't even uploaded the pictures in my camera and I was tagged everywhere in Facebook already..all the pictures above I take from facebook de..haha! They're so efficient! I haven't get my pictures from Chin Ming,Yen Li,Xian Tze,Kai Yuan,Chee Yung and myself!

Stay tune for more :D

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  1. you are the next amber chia! TRUST ME! =)

    without Kiki, nothing can be done lol!

  2. wah haha! no lah hehe >.< Amber Chia is international supermodel le..summore I so short haha!

    Yeap,Kiki is really really good..she is damn pro :)


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