Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part Two

March 14, 2010

This post is the continuation of Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part One

After make up and dress up,it's my turn to shine =D I am pretty nervous because lots of other model facing problem to actually walk! Many model's dresses was too heavy or too long while the problem I face was the accessories on my head is too big and too heavy I can hardly walk without lowering down my head!Urghhh..Did I mentioned my catwalk is not really that good during the first class and Amber Chia made me walk 20+round of catwalk? =X
going to backstage

I am Contestant 29 which is the second last contestant..supposed to have 32 models but 2 was not there..This post is mainly pictures :)
walking out..
I am actually very nervous HAHA
so many people looking!
Yeap number 29! weeeeeeeeee~
I got the loudest cheer among the contestant..hor you all went and screamed for me har? XD
photos from Idees Photo Studio
trying to create some style xD
must be elegant..
a little arrogant..
plus some sweet smile ^^
and happy smiling~
look right
look left..
walk and turn back
like this..oh I sooo love this picture..credits to the photographer that came to the events!
another one from Idees Photo Studio
After that one by one all contestant came out..
me me! 29 29~!
as you can many models dressed up like Barbie Dolls...
can you spot me?
yes no?the gold colour wan~
they called the make up artist one by one to get their certificates
while I stood there till everyone gets their certificate =)
smile to the camera XD
the host is talking about something..hmmmm..
flowers flowers!
yes that thing on my head is causing me headache..
nice portrait of myself =P
and another..
That's Yannie,Crystal and Liki!
Crystal and Liki
Yannie and Liki..
3 of us has different style~
Yannie looks like bride! so pretty~
3 of us again-Yannie,Crystal and Liki
that's May,Venus,Queenie,Cheryl and Liki

Thanks to my mom for capturing so many pictures and videos..She was so supportive and squeezed herself to the centre just to take nice pictures of her daughter..She even got herself tired standing(with heels) and it was so hot there that she wasn't feeling well after the competition =( sorry you mommy =3 very much ^^Kiki,Liki and my mommy!
Kiki,Liki and my leng lui mommy!

Thanks to Chin Ming,Carmen and long long best friends for coming to support me..Both of you attended almost all my competition and performances..helping me to take care of my stuff and send me back home xD
Liki and Lily
Liki,Lily and Chin Ming
Kiki,Liki,Lily and Chin Ming

Not forgetting my college mates,Yen Li,Kai Yuan,Chee Yung,Xian Tze,and Teng Jong..I never expect any of my college mates to come and support me..Thanks for all the pictures and most importantly is you guys being there for me =)
Carmen,Lily,Liki,Yi Lynn and Chin Ming
Yen Li,Chee Yung,Teng Jong,Carmen,Kai Yuan,Lily,Liki,Yi Lynn and Chin Ming

Kiki Yong,my make up artist got in Top10..which means I got in Top 10 too!weeeeeeeee~ It wasn't surprising because the clothes and the make up was super nice and constribute a lot of point..of course the model's performance gave points too..hehe..
I was stunt there don't what to do haha!
just look and camera and smile lah =D
Liki,Kiki and the judges
Liki and Kiki
yeah Top 10 weeeeeeee~
smiling non-stop..
That's Kiki,Liki,Kiki's teacher,Carmen Hong and Kiki's friendthis is a nice picture of us =)
the teacher must be so proud of both her student..
so nice..the boyfriend came up stage and gave her flowers..sweet =) (I'm holding it cause Kiki's hand is full)this is behind the stage..
it's us again..without the teacher..
Kiki's boyfriend,Kiki and Liki
3 of us again!
erm..I dunno who is that white girl..but hmmm yeah =)

Weeeeeeeeee~ So happy to get in Top10 =) Thanks to all my friends for coming..really really appreciate it..and not forgetting my beloved mommy =)Group photos with all the make up artist and model
second shot from another camera..
Top10..aiks somebody's DSLR is blocking me..
Ahh..this is better..Top 10 winners!

It is really a great experience in my life..It's my first time doing this kind of catwalk..and not everyone get this opportunity..I feel lucky XD hehe...and with family and friends support..I couldn't hope for more ^^ Love you guys sooooo much XD

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