1 Malaysia International Shoe Festival

April 04, 2010

My mom took me to the 1 Malaysia International Shoe Festival..Went with my aunt and my cousin :)Wah never knew PWTC is such a crowded place..almost can't breathe in the hall..There is so many interesting shoes you can see in the festival..I'm gonna show you some of the unique ones :)

When I walked in..
this is the first shoe that caught my attention..butterfly!
teddy bear! So comfortable to wear when I try it on..
yeah all these 3 shoes above cost RM4999.00
rose sandals with umbrella
snake skin high heels..
feather shoes..
rock star!
so cute lah this shoes..the horse..kawaii!

And the shoes below are from Jimmy Choo..

close up view of the most expensive high heels in the exhibition..RM350000.00

I love Jimmy Choo 's shoes! Bahhh!I couldn't find the heels that I want..Got voucher from Nose though xD
Haha..It's cool to see how special and unique the design of a shoe can be..Shoes symbolises who you are..For example: for women,they can represent sexiness - high heels and stilettos and for men,they can represent status and wealth - Italian leather :)

Sorry for the poor picture quality again..forget to bring camera so used phone camera xD

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