April Fool's Day

April 01, 2010

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Sorry for the slow update in my blog and the overdue post..I thought of changing my blogskins..What do you think? My current blogskins doesn't allow people to view "Older Post" le..Many people is complaining to me..I didn't even noticed it! Luckily Carmen is helping me out on the blog design..I'm excited! Are you? xD

Last year's April's Fool..we wear school uniform to college xD But we didn't do it this year I wonder why..hmmm..Click Here to view the last year's April Fool post

By the way,did you kena fool today?It's once in a year nevermind lah LOL!Well..I guess it's no time for me to fool around as the A2 mock examination is on 7th till 12th April 2010..


Yes I am indeed very nervous and stress! I'm having insomnia due to the coming mock examination and has been sleeping at 4am for 3 consecutive days! Gahhh..

I had Mathematics Mechanics test yesterday! and it makes me feel sooo much better because...

Muahahaha! Brynn even complaint because he never get 50/50 for mechanics before! XD

Alright I better start facebook-ing..No..not that facebook but as is facing the book..

Chemistry! Mathematics! Physics!

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