Being In The Magazine :)

April 02, 2010

Check me out in the latest Feminine Magazine April 2010 issues..
cover of the magazine..
my modeling event last month..
can see me? =)
Liki and Kiki
behind the scene..
Kiki tying my hair
I look so pale here..
during make up =)
Top 10 :)
New Face Supermodel Maker Competition
I'm bending down :)

My mom immediately bought the magazine when someone told me they saw me in the magazine..and after spotting for mom say"eh maybe can spot me since I'm always at the front row.." and indeed..
saw the yellow shirt lady?on the left side of Amber Chia..

That is my mom! :D

we both laughed till roll on the floor because can only see the body..nevermind lah..I know that it is my mom then enough ady :)

Read the events above here:
Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part One
Romance In-Fate Bridal Fair 2010 Part Two
New Face Supermodel Maker 2010 Competition

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  1. Lol I actually seen ur photos on facebook b4 this haha! I have a few frens who took part the the new face competition too lol

  2. Oh I see :) Who is your friend?


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