Born Of The Shower, And Colored By The Sun

May 01, 2010

There's no class today due to Parent's Day..My parents did not attend because they are both busy =/

But,I went to college today for Physics! I want to improve my experiment skill and I went and join other class for it..My lecturers told me that I'm very hardworking =D
on the way to college in Tj's car..this brightens up my day :) can you see it? It's not that obvious..was feeling sleepy but this rainbow cheers me up XD

Next week is the last week of college..I'll sure bring camera to college and take lots of pictures! ^^ I'm sooooo gonna miss Sunway University College,the lecturers and the friends! I used to hate going college but now I don't feel like leaving =P
I won't be updating my blog that often since examination is around the corner..I will be active in blogging after exams..with new blogskins,pictures and much more xD

I'm sorry for rejecting all the modeling events,roadshows,photoshoots,singing,dancing,piano and drawing competition..I promised I will back in action after my exams =)

Do keep visiting my blog okay?^^

Follow me in Twitter to get updates from me =) just started Twitter not long ago..I update it quite often

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  1. the whole world is yours after finishing your a levels. for now, work hard and dont give up ok?? love you... muahxx=)

  2. >BB: Thanks dear <3 I will try my best ^^

    >* Jewelry Designer: Harjot *: thank you ^^


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