Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair 2010

April 18, 2010

It's today! The Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair event organized by Gatsby and Nuffnang :)

I have only got 3 hours of sleep!Got myself prepared for this event at 9.00am..The event started at 10.00am and I reached Times Square at 10.00am sharp..the queue was so long!They arranged according to Blog URL..I can't even see the label!I was in the wrong queue for 3 times..

So after changing into the red Gatsby t-shirt that they gave,my brother and I walked 1 round to see the games first..then we were called to gather in the centre stage for the official opening..
my little bro and I
saw this mascot and quickly take pic with it :)
and my little bro with it..
Liki at the entrance..
Theng Jian at the entrance
the MC is calling for the bloggers to gather..
VIP reached..
appreciation to the VIP..
official opening!
#1 this is Audrey from
#2 Audrey is a very sweet girl..very friendly
this is Niki Cheong from
this tall guy is from ShaolinTiger
Liki, Kymberly, ShaolinTiger, NikiCheong

After that,my little bro and I started playing the games,the first game we chose to play,which is also the hardest game of all: bull riding..I think the uncle was too much because he was too harsh!My bro twisted his arm while I fell and knocked my jaws,my lips got a deep cut and bleeds..just for the 2 points!People was like yelling "You're such a tough girl!"..
this is Robb Chew from Nuffnang
my little bro on bull riding..

a video of my little bro bull riding

After bull riding,my bro and I are really exhausted and barely moves,we played those easy games like throwing cans..shooting..etc..
time to throw! weeeeeeeeee~

football toss

accurate and precise haha

this depends on luck wan :)

being precise and accurate xD

lucky guess xD

I love bowling!

this took my super long time to hook it up!

We tried all the games and collected lots of points!My little bro and I had lunch in Uncle Duck Restaurant And Cafe(the only restaurant I'll eat in Times Square)..We were both tired so eating boost up our energy..I was so brave that I decided to go back riding on the bull,make my little bro to record a video of me on it..

But before that,we were called to gather again for Lucky Draw..lucky enough,my little bro won the 500GB WD Hard Drive! He was hoping for WII but 500GB Hard Drive is good lucky!!
my little bro holding the 500GB WD Hard DriveMy little bro says thanks to Gatsby and Nuffnang!

We both then continue playing other games and collecting many many points so we can redeem some Gatsby product :) but our main aim was to have fun..and me spending time with my little bro..
collect the red styrofoam in the box!I challenge myself to ride the bull again!

here's a video of it..
my little bro climbs!
I was playing with this little baby while my bro climbing haha!
He managed to reach the top in 20seconds!
Met new friends,Devi :)

The best game in the event is: Gladiator Battle!!
yes I am preparing!
haha look at the guy behind..
haha damn funny lah the guy behind lol
hit hit hit..
aiyak I lose jor..
nvm little bro strong mah! hehe

We sat down and count the points we collected..
total 92 94 points!!
#1 my little bro and I queueing to redeem the Gatsby product
#2 smiling happily!
the evil bull!!
counting the points..
hehe..happy happy!

The second session of lucky draw starts..I was still redeeming my Gatsby product lmao..quickly rushed to the stage..I wonder if I missed my name..I didn't win anything from lucky draw..but I had fun in the events!Mom wanted to buy things in Times Square so my little bro and I accompanied her..
happy :)
but tired..
the Gatsby bag..
The Largest Blogger Gathering With Gatsby

My little bro and I actually stayed up till the whole event ends!My body aches everywhere now xD
Gatsby Product:2 pink moving rubber,1 cleanser,1 dye hair,1 deodorant and 1 hair gel all from the points we collected!

It's all guys product so I don't use it at all..I just play the games for fun and so my 2 brothers and my dad can use the hair product haha :D had a great time with my younger brother..

I am pretty sure I will get a good sleep tonight..tata! :P

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