Happy Birthday To Professors!

April 13, 2010

Why are they called Professors? They are the two smarty pants in my class..Really smart ones..I think the "Professor" nickname came from Moe Hein Phyu,a student from Myanmar..and now everybody calls them Professor xD

I meet up with Kin Wai,Kai Yuan,Chee Yung,Jia Xin,Yen Li,Elaine,Zhi Yuen and Xian Tze in Sunway Pyramid after Further Mathematics Paper 2..

But! Before that..I meet up with Carmen..walked around and had a chat with her =)
this is Carmen posing with the vegetables in the toilet LOL!Her parents won't be at home for 10 days so she have got to cook herself..

Since Jia Xin asked me to take care of Kai Yuan's present,
this is a card for Kai Yuan..
so nice right? =)
Oh Kai Yuan I'm your big fans! HAHA

Then,Carmen went and shopped herself in Sunway Pyramid while I joined my friends as promised..it was to celebrate Kin Wai(12th April) and Kai Yuan(11th April)'s birthday..We had breakfast lunch at Dragon-I..
while waiting from everyone..Liki>Yen Li>Elaine>Chee Yung
look properly..it's 38 candles..well because Kin Wai + Kai Yuan = 19 + 19 = 38 LOL!
LOOK AT HOW BIG THE CAKE IS! I couldn't finish mine..TJ lah!If you come can eat for me!
the two professors-Kai Yuan and Kin Wai..look at the big smile on their faces..looks like gay marriage
and a group pic of us :)

Happy Birthday To Kai Yuan and Kin Wai again :)

Really had great time with my friends..and most importantly the two birthday boy are happy =D

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