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April 27, 2010

The World Is Just......Awesome... it sooo much..haha

I love the green grass and plants..
can be a hiding place when playing hide and seek with your friends
the cactus where we can act like we're in desert (there's no desert in Malaysia)
an ordinary plants which we can make stories out of it..
tree bark for you to lean on..
and it's so cute to see your dog running on the grass..

I love the flowers..
it makes the girls feel beautiful in every pictures..
and makes you really happy when you receives flowers from your loved one
can use it to camourflage too(there's 5 people in this it)

I love the green-blue sea..
as when strong sea breeze blows my makes me feel light and easy
you'll get to jump like crazy girls in the beach..
realising that the waves has something to do with Physics..
looking at the window and realised how big the world is..
and that the sun isn't that hot when you're near the sea..
morning breeze which makes you feel really fresh for the whole day..
and the sand which can be a substitute birthday cake when you couldn't get a real birthday cake

I love the sky..
for how they cheer up my day when I wake up seeing rainbow up the sky..
and noticed how clouds can formed different shapes and patterns..
they sky changes colour every seconds..
and see how beautiful sunset can be..
when the moon rise,it'll smile to you =)
har! I'm not joking ah! xD

I love my dog..
Hippy runs to me when I came back from college all the time :)

I love the people around me..
my family..who supports me when I need most..the best mom..the best dad..and the best brothers in the world ♥
my friends..who are just up to anything anytime =)
we celebrate all events together..
these people are the ones who completes my life..
and not forgetting the love of my life..

Sloggi is proud to present Love World Love Sloggi, a brand new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled materials!I never know how creative they were to came out with that idea! Impressing!

I visited their website and read about their concept and idea..It was indeed a passion for Earth..Besides that,I love the Sloggi collection which are colourful patterns, fashionable designs and ecologically-friendly fabrics, that offer great comfort and a superb fit for all-day for everyday wear..
My mom and I are big Sloggi fans..3 of my very own Sloggi collections :)

I ♥ Sloggi!

Click here to visit Sloggi website :)

Everyone begins to take notice on how important the world meant to us,whether it is to nature or people..everything around you that you love..we should start to take steps and precautions to protect the world and people around you from danger..Read my Earth Day post here :)

My friends and I does..proves?
go green!
and avoid plastic bags everyday!
I heart the world ♥

What about you? :)

Make sure you've watched the video =P

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  1. a very meaningful post. the way you fuse the world with your daily lives is certainly impressive and outstanding.. you have the seed of environmentally-phillic embedded inside you. i wish to see it germinate and become the core in which it will intergrate the positive value to everyone who reads this post =)

  2. Thank you :) My family and friends are very concerned about because of them I am too..We do participate in anything that could help the world like Earth Hour..No Plastic Bag Day..Earth's Day..etc XD

  3. Hi! can i know where is the place that look like a desert? thanks for replying ^^

  4. Hey! It's at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam :)


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