Special Screening Of Date Night

April 14, 2010

After the birthday celebration,I rushed home to get changed and picked up my younger brother as we're supposed to collect the "Date Night" ticket from Nuffnang booth at TGV,OU..I got two free ticket from Nuffnang from this post :)Date Night :)

Luckily I was fast and managed to reach there,find parking an hour earlier from the collecting hour! xD My bro and I walked around..shopping..etc..After we collected the ticket from Nuffnang booth,we had dinner in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng..
yay got 2 tickets from Nuffnang to watch Date Night =)
and my little bro posing with the tickets =)
they gave batches too!
had spaghetti for dinner! yum yum..
my little bro xD

I think I was lucky because I got the middle seat in the cinema xD luckily not front row..later I headache @_@
this is Robb from Nuffnang..he was informing us that the movie will start half an hour late..Can't really see him properly..hey! I saw the I♥Nuffnang batch!
my little bro's face while waiting haha
little bro and Liki

The movie made my day..I had a great laugh..I would recommend you to watch =)
Thanks Nuffnang for giving me such a memorable "date night" =)

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