When The Atom Releases Energy..

April 09, 2010

Wahhh! I damn pissed off lor!!This fat indian guy lecturer is NOT my lecturer..but I've seen him before..I always thought he was nice and decent although I never speak to him before..but guess what..He is the total opposite of what I thought he was in the first place!

I was having mock examination today and god knows I'm already VERY freaking nervous..so many things to remember..panic..nerve-wracking..then halfway during exam..He asked me to STAND UP..WALK BEHIND and PUT my pencil case(because my pencil case is not transparent)wah I never knew halfway during exam can stand up and walk wan wor!during exam?

Ok,I admit it was my fault for bringing it in but at least I put in on the floor!He was saying that he follows the CIE examination rule..But!I remember CIE says NO handphones and calculator case ALLOWED in the exam hall wan wor..Why I see it laying around?Isn't that easier to cheat than a poor pencil case laying on the floor?

I got kind of disturbed by him..so I tried to focus..couldn't do first question..skipped and move on..but after I chilled,I looked back and managed to do the first questions :P I continued rushing to complete the questions and all but everytime he walked pass me,I feel as if he is looking at me wtf

When the examination end,he said put down your pen and make sure your name is written on the front page..and then I realised I haven't write! So I 'click' my pen and write "Chee Li....." then I saw a hand flying in front of me..in a speed of light..
No...! Yes I am drowning..

So Hello everyone..my candidate name is Chee Li don't laugh

Ehhhh why the girl beside me still writing her answer in the exam paper wan?Is it because she is your student and I'm not? :)

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