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May 18, 2010

19 May 2010 : Mathematics Paper 4 and Physics Paper 1
20 May 2010 : Chemistry Paper 3
25 May 2010 : Physics Paper 3
28 May 2010 : Mathematics Paper 3 and Physics Paper 4
31 May 2010 : Chemistry Paper 2 and Chemistry Paper 5
8 June 2010 : Chemistry Paper 4
9 June 2010 : Physics Paper 2 and Physics Paper 5
10 June 2010 : Chemistry Paper 1

Thank god I'm taking Further Mathematics in October/November 2010

Stop disturbing me,nudge me,distract me,etc..
Now I shall bang my head on the stress reliever kit few times

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  1. lol i think you need your bf to kiss your head instead of bang your head la hahaha

  2. I was the one that put up those stress reliever kits at college =D So Fun!!
    Wish i could have put up more~
    *No time*

  3. >Handsome: haha! virtual kiss la..the MSN wink XD

    >Anonymous: is it? So creative haha!We even took videos posing with it..But they pull it out already :(

  4. hahahaha... welcome to the head bangers club! XD

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. oh you put it up? :D I thought who is Anonymous keke..yeah it was a success :) It caught my attention and straight away I say "I want to bang that thing! Eh,help me take picture" and taaaa-daaaa


  7. Owh shoot.. the computer i was using was logged in by some unknown..
    I gotta be more careful at the cybercafe next time =.=

    My message is still the same though:-

    Yeaa.. I know about the videos... And pics..
    I wanted to put up an A3 size paper but did not have time to go to the shop and enlarge it.. =(
    I'd say it was a success wasn't it?

  8. Hahahaha?
    That's all? =.=

  9. yeah I replied your same message ady ma..

  10. Hahahahhaah
    awesome-ness ~
    I wish to reveal myself in mid June =D

  11. alright I shall wait for it :)

  12. NOT only you but all friends as well =D
    Would be a fun time..

  13. Do I know you personally? and you know me too?

  14. What do u think?
    How do u think i come to know about your blog? Ur URL fell from da sky? =.=
    Of course i know everythin n everyone ..

  15. haha I don't know..you stalked me? LOL

  16. anonymous are so mysterious at times 0.o beware!!

  17. haha..I thought July or March or Jan10/March10 student put it up you know..

  18. I don't remember stalking anyone for the past few decades.. Owh wait, im not even Two decades old.. LoL
    At least u know that im a student =D

  19. I totally forgot about revealing myself =.=


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