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May 26, 2010

I practically typing this with a super big smile on my face :D

The Maxis Scholarship Awards 2010 takes place on 29th April 2010 in JW Marriott Hotel..
Spot anyone yet? Erm not me =_= I did not apply for scholarships..Spot for the person same surname as me =D
See properly =D

Congratulations to Chee Jiunn Heng for receiving the Maxis Scholarship
Look how proud his mom and dad is =D
Law,Dental Surgery,Medicine & Surgery
loved that quote =)
I'm so proud of you =)
all the other Maxis Scholars..
Chee Jiunn Heng,Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery,International Medical University,Maxis Scholarship For Excellent 2010

You made Chee family proud =D Now it's my turn to work hard for A-Levels ^^
This picture was taken 2 years ago..while I still have bangs and braces hehe

He has a poster of himself at home,I bet he kissed it every night lol

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