Sometimes A Headache Is All In Your Head..Relax..

May 29, 2010

Today is Wesak Day..everyone is having holiday while I am having exams..2 papers by the way..FML..It is the worst paper combination ever! Mathematics Paper 3 and Physics Paper 4 T____T

Due to too much stress,I have no appetite to eat at all yesterday..I only had kaya bread of breakfast,peanut bread for teatime and sausage bun for dinner..And also,I did not managed to sleep the whole night! I am too stress and nervous..seriously..

But the thing is..I was not the only one..I went to college and everyone seems to be really tired =/ I've overheard some of them saying that they did not sleep as well..this is the A-Levels life..
have a break,have a kit kat :D

I felt really relieved after the two papers was poooof,a heavy thing is lifted up from my shoulder..It almost felt like exams is over and I can smell freedom! But not =_=

Mathematics Paper 3
Mathematics Paper 4
Physics Paper 1

Physics Paper 2
Physics Paper 3
Physics Paper 4

Physics Paper 5
Chemistry Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
Chemistry Paper 3
Chemistry Paper 4
Chemistry Paper 5

Afterall,I have this much more to go =____=

At night,Nataneal called and said he wanted to bring me out for a surprised..He asked me to closed my eyes halfway in the journey..When we reached,he told me to look at the ground and not look up until he said so..

When I looked up,I saw this..
seeing the whole KL city!

I am in Ampang Look Out Point!

to be honest,that time I am still blur of where am I..Just act cool lol

I've been wanting to come to this place but I never had the time and besides,I don't know the way..I didn't bring my spectacle,no camera except for Nataneal's phone camera,and didn't dress nice enough to take pic =P Shortly,I am not prepared to be here =_=
chrysanthemum on the table :)

Nataneal had dinner there while I have a drink,hazelnut coffee :) It was relaxing..Nataneal really took me to the right place at the right time
Love the scenary there..
Nataneal and Liki

It's quite dark so couldn't catch nice pic with camera phone..

Thanks for driving me all the way there and surprised me :) Now I felt much more relax and ready for the next papers!


By the way,congrats on winning one of the engineering award :)

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