Two More Days To End College Life

May 04, 2010

Two more days to end of college life..Today we celebrated our beloved chemistry teacher,Ms Chin Fui Leng's birthday! I went to college early and then we all hide in the discussion room and Zhi Yuen went and asked her to come out because he doesn't know how to do some chemistry questions lol

She walked so fast that we stunted when she entered the room LOL! Then only we started singing birthday song and give her the birthday cake HAHA

If I'm not mistaken it's apple cake
Ms Chin cutting the cake xD
a small present from our class made by Hui Ling ^^

After that,it was Physics class..well,the lecturer is quite fussy but it's gonna be few more days that we don't have to hear him fussed anymore XD okay lah I not so bad lah..LOL
at least I listened to his class..
and laughed at his joke XD

It was raining and jammed when I was driving home..I'm gonna miss the "driving-home-from-college" feelings because I don't have car to drive to university in New Zealand next year T___T
Kinda like the feeling when driving home from college ^^

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