1/2 + 1/2 = 1 Cake

June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Leon and Happy Belated Birthday to Sin Yoong :)

I worked yesterday so I'm a little tired today =/ But I really miss them a lot..the friends who grew up with me :) It was kinda last minute call for this birthday too keke..I meet up with Wen Jie in Sunway Pyramid then we walked around to buy cake..Bumped into Zhi Yuen and Chee Yung there haha..

After that,we meet up with Chern Jung and Calvin,Carmen and Sin Yoong then waited in one of the secret room Wen Jie found in Sunway Pyramid..
Chern Jung,Calvin and Liki
I looked chubby here XD
that's Calvin texted
excited..we are waiting for Chin Ming to bring Leon..
Calvin,Leon,Liki,Chern Jung,Carmen,Sin Yoong,Chin Ming and Kai Lin
Wen Jie was the cameraman
Chatting hehe..I like my pink handbag!
Helping Leon to pack the cake..
walking out..

We went to Sushi King to have lunch!!
Carmen and Liki
Kai Lin and Liki
Kai Lin,Liki and Calvin
Kai Lin and Liki
The 1/2 Chocolate cake..
Chocolate cake..
the other 1/2 of the cake..
Carmen and Liki
Group picture of us together..with my camera..
with DSLR

Carmen and Calvin went back while we went to my college to get my modeling certificates..picture is all with Wen Jie..Thanks for walking me back to college :)
We watched "Frozen"..OMG Don't watch this show..I find it damn annoying and disturbing..I closed my eyes 70% of the movie =_=

After movie,I went home..was rushing to watch football at home haha! Now I'm having football fever lor..I stayed up for the 2.30am match few times already haha..

I had a great time with my friends today :) Love them a lot

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