A4 Gangsters In Sunway Pyramid & Sunway Lagoon

June 19, 2010

Yes yes yes!! I've been waiting for today for weeks! :D I love going out with my high school best friends :) It's not easy to plan a gathering since we're all in different colleges and different courses..To me,they're the most special friends I've ever met in my life..

We meet in Sunway Pyramid at 2pm..Chern Jung,Calvin,Wen Jie,Carmen and I went for Toy Story 3 movies at 3.50pm..It's an awesome movie..I laughed like a kid..The toys are super cute!!My first movie after exams over..I love the 3Aliens and the Spanish-speaking Buzz Lighter!

Then,we walked around snapping pictures..catching up with each other since the last time we met was few months ago..
we are on TV!!

Went to Parkson to take a look at Toy Stories toys..and posing with other toys..
each of the plushie's represents our horoscope :D

We had McD ice-cream while waiting for Chin Ming,he finished his London A-Levels exam at 7ish..and we're all starving haha!So we headed to Zhia's Kitchen to fill our tummies while waiting for him..

After that,we went to Sunway Lagoon Scream Park!! Carmen and I chickened out and also due to lack of time,we went to play the Terminator! We were divided into two teams - Green and Blue..My friends and I were in the Blue team..

We had to put on a light jacket and given a red laser gun and suppose to shoot at the opponent's light jacket..I sucked =____= I was the 3rd last from the bottom..while CJ was the 2nd from the top lol..Carmen bang herself to the mirror right in front of me lmao
Outside Sunway Lagoon Scream Park

It's a good exercise! We sweat and I guess it's a good stress-release for Chin Ming too..Took a few pictures before Carmen left..
Pictures with the Sunway Lagoon peoples..
Group picture of A4 GangstersCarmen lose a lot of weight!!!
Liki and Calvin

Picture of me and Carmen:

then Six of the A4 Gangsters..
Clockwise from Top:Chin Ming,Wen Jie,Calvin,Chern Jung,Carmen,Liki

After Carmen left,we stroll around the empty shopping mall and took pictures..Since it's Fifa World Cup 2010 now,there's decorations in Sunway Pyramid..
The Adidas Jabulani ball..
Huge! I liked Chin Ming and Chern Jung's pose!
Pretending to be the ball..
Look carefully at each of our actions..
Got meaning wan..

Then we decided to do a funny solo pictures with each of the football players..
1)Wen Jie,pretending to be the ball and the guy "kick" him
2)Chin Ming,proposing to the guy but he is running away from Chin Ming..
3)Chern Jung,pretending to be....err...
4) Calvin Tan,dancing with the football player..
5) Liki..the football player pointing at her butt!
What attracts me in this picture in Chin Ming at the pole lol
Liki and Messi
The floor is Monopoly board :D
Chern Jung,Wen Jie and Liki

It was almost 11.00pm and I was getting a little sleepy so we decided to go back early..Chin Ming haven't finish his exam,Wen Jie and I needs more sleep!
mirror picture!
in the lift..haha everyone's faces look funny..
our sexy model - Chin Ming
Each of us doing the picture on the advertisement in parking lots..

We did a lot of all these stupid things in every outings..I love being with them :D

"Find one day we should take every single advertisement in the parking lots" -Wen Jie-

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  1. so nice camwhoring around ! haha

  2. haha yeah lor..If we go out we camwhore also ya :D

  3. okie dokie. make sure u join us nxt time then. haha


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