Ampang LookOut Point With Family

June 13, 2010

Graduation Ball is in another TWO more days and I haven't get my dress,my shoes and my bags!Mom was so nice to take off work early to go shopping with me! My aunt tag along as well :D

After shopping for 5hours,I managed to get everything I need to Graduation Ball! Hopefully nobody has the same dress,shoes or bags as mine =X

I suggested that we should go Ampang Lookout Point because my family haven't been there..and I really wanted to bring them up there!My dad was so funny!He said he knew the road but we went to the wrong hill..the scenary is as nice as Ampang Lookout Point but no food XD

Texted Nataneal and asked him how to go haha..Sorry to disturbed him,he was in a date with coughforestcough

We reached there! laughing all the way in the car with my family =D We had Gasoline there..
I love my teddy bear shirt xD
nice scenary in Ampang LookOut Point
my younger bro and I
Liki and her gorgeous mommy ♥
It's nice to look out KL from here :)

If you are wondering where is my dad,he doesn't like photograph HAHA

Came back and dad helped me put a plaster on my leg..
some chicken eye skin grow and it hurts everytime I walk or press against it

Awww I love my family a lot ♥♥♥ It's always fun hanging out with my family :)

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  1. oo..i feel proud to have my name in ur blog. LOL. i hope models ask u hu i am. LOL. ==

  2. LOL!!! WTH lah you..too free ntg to do..


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