Before And After The Sunway University College Cambridge A-Levels Graduation Ball 2010

June 15, 2010

I'm not feeling well lately..fever,flu and sore throat..Just like what Ching Yih said,I need to "bao wantan" lol.."bao wantan" means flu that time,wrap it like tissue paper haha..
my non-make up sick look =_=

I started preparing around 2ish,take bath,make up,etc..Carmen,my make up artist came to my house around 4.00pm..she is a professional make up's the third time she make up for my event =D
doing hair for me..
and the make up is done =D

Took pictures outside my's rare that I'll dress up that nice so must take more pictures :D
It's almost getting dark..
I look so pink-ishhhh! xD
Nice?I mean the garden..My dad did the whole thing himself =D
He planted this tree too xD
some model pose
with my dolly doggy Hippy =D
Hippy is sooooo kawaii!!
Gotto go =D

Left my house around 6.00pm when the graduation ball starts at 6.00pm lol..Sorry lah..we're malaysian ma =X

Read my Graduation Ball post here

After Graduation Ball ends,TJ send me home,I reached home around 1am and since I'm still's the first time I wear this pink dress with nice make up,I decided to take more pictures :D
I love this picture! weeeeeeee~
another model pose :D
Hippy again!! love love him!!♥♥
Hippy kiss kiss♥Love my handbag =D
I graduated!!! from college xD
The flowers are fake..but nice right? haha..
with the A-Levels book
I learnt piano since I was 5 years old :D
love the heels..It's from Taiwan..cost RM119.00my tiara..only RM3.50 I think..I got it when I was 9 years old xDwith my toy poodle again weeeeee~
I like my make up..thanks Carmen =DThings we get to keep as white ribbon handbag and love love!Oh yeah,it's also my first "prom" look after braces were off =D
cheers =DI'm wearing the Blue contact lens from Fresh Look..just bought it yesterday in OU when I take my dress from tailor
I painted that..believe it? xD
Hippy see me camwhore until want to fall asleep ady hahaDon't feel like removing the make up ler haha
last picture of the day before I remove make up and bath..

OMG!I camwhore until 2am already! 1hour camwhoring LMAO..By the way,all my pictures you've seen above or ever in my blog are non-edited because I don't know how to edit pictures lol..

Good Night..Tata..

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  1. wahhhh... so lenglui! really like a princess! XD hope u r better now!

  2. thank you :D I'm much better now le..keep drinking honey everyday XD


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