Daytime And Sunset Photoshoot

June 12, 2010

Today,I went for modeling photoshoot in Tanjung Sepat..

I started preparing around 11ish,make up and pack clothes..
Just a simple make up..I don't really like over-do make up :)
Look at Hippy behind! haha! damn cute! It's quite blur but he is sticking his tongue out =P

Around 4.40pm,Anson Ong,the photographer who take the shoot came and fetch me..

Today's model were me and Sally Wu..
Sally Wu

My younger brother tag along too xD

It took us 2 hours to reach there..unfortunately the sky turned dark really quick and it rained..The photographer have to use flash and the picture is not that nice :(
I looked like japanese doll here O.O

By the way I'm wore the Fresh Look Illuminate in the above pictures :) After photoshoot,we went to KFC to have dinner then headed home..another 2 hours to reach home..Reached home around 11ish,took bath and had supper..
do mask and sleep xD

I haven't get the pictures of the photoshoot today..but I'll upload it when I get it :)

Good night ^^

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